RDC-CI Chemical Injection Data Logger

RDC-CI Chemical Injection Data Logger from Cosasco (Rohrback)

United States of America

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The new RDC-CI chemical injection data logger has been designed to complement our existing range of Microcor® and Corrdata® corrosion monitoring data loggers. One of the main purposes of a corrosion monitoring data logger is to check that the correct chemical injection rate is being applied and working properly. Chemical over-treatment can be expensive especially with corrosion prevention chemicals, and under-treatment can be catastrophic and even more costly. It is all too easy, particularly in remote locations, to have problems with chemical injection from low tank levels, pump failures, vapor lock in high temperature situations, and more. In addition, the typical low flow injection rates of chemical additives can be difficult to measure and maintain accurately.


* Improve your Chemical Cost Management Efficiency
* Ensure Correct Injection Rates are always maintained
* Battery operated for easy installation in Remote Locations
* Exceptional Wide Operating Range from 0.5 to 100 gallons per day
* Use with Wide Variety of Chemicals
* Wide Operating Temperature – 40C to +70C
* Simple Data Transfer
* Software included
* Operation in Hazaradous Areas (in development)

The RDC-CI data logger directly monitors the flow to the chemical injection quills or nozzles with its accurate positive displacement flow meter designed to continuously check the actual injection rate. The RDC-CI can be permanently piped in for continuous monitoring or piped in on a temporary basis with our accessory kit of flexible 2 ft hoses and sealing quick-connect couplings, to allow for occasional in-line testing. Every 5/10,000 th gallon volume increment is measured and totalized into selectable interval “buckets” of between 2 min and 1day over which the rate is computed. The battery life is typically 6 months. Collected data can be transferred directly to a laptop if located in a safe area, or with a Checkmate DL or Checkmate Plus in a hazardous area. Data is stored in a CSV file format and can be viewed graphically as flow rate and integrated flow on the supplied software. A hazardous area location version is currently in development.


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