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Thermite Weld from KEMA Coatings Limited

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KEMA 250-12 Module Sealant is a safe, easy-to-use, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant barrier coating. Packaged in roll form, it can be wrapped onto the pipe, fitting or assembly, or cut into strips for flat application to a clean substrate.

KEMA 250-12 Module Sealants are UV-resistant and well-suited for both above and below grade installations. They are immune to the attack of anaerobic bacteria commonly found in soils worldwide and do not break down even after lengthy immersion.

KEMA 250-12 Module Sealant offers the user a barrier coating that is resistant to a wide range of acid and alkali solutions as well as gasses. Our Module Sealants are at work in the ice and snow of the Canadian north, the dry arid deserts of the Middle East and the moist, humid coastal regions of Africa.

◾ Roll – 4 inches (10 cm) wide by 20 feet long with overall thickness of 262 Mils (6.65 mm)
◾ 250 Mils (6.35 mm) thick UV and bacteria-resistant sealant
◾ Polyethylene (PE) 10-12 Mils film on one side (bonds one side only)

◾ Primer: KEMA Module Primer
◾ Base-coat: (optional) KEMA 250 Module Sealant

◾ CSA Z245.30.14 Tested and Approved
◾ MQAP Approved for weld applications

Recommended Uses:
◾ Thermite cad welds
◾ Stainless steel (S/S) banding
◾ Pipeline transitions (old/new coatings)
◾ Pipeline girth welds
◾ Cut-outs
◾ Shims
◾ Flanges
◾ Sleeves
◾ Weldolets (top-coat)
◾ Old coating repairs (holiday repairs)
◾ Tie-ins
◾ Temporary highway island transitions
◾ Bare metal surfaces
◾ Adhesive strips for plastic film bonding
◾ Insulated spacers

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