Quikspray, Inc.

2105 W. Lakeshore Drive
PO Box 327
Port Clinton, OH 43452
United States of America


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Quikspray, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of material handling pumps and mixers for more than half a century. Located in Port Clinton, Ohio with their sister company, Quikstir, Inc. specializes in equipment for the commercial coatings industry. Stuccos, fireproofing, aggregated epoxies, waterproofers, interior/exterior decorative applications of plaster/cement coatings, EIFS, artificial rocks and water features are only a few of the many applications accomplished by Quikspray Carrousel Pumps, Quikstir Mixers and related equipment. Worldwide and time tested acceptance is truly because of the robust construction, low/no maintenance, and ease of operation of Quikspray's pumps & mixers. Quikspray, Inc. offers their equipment in many different sizes, capacities and power configurations, so custom applications that don't normally fit standard applications can be addressed easily.

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