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Sauereisen  Is a third-generation company that offers a complete line of organic and inorganic corrosion-resistant materials of construction for new and rehabilitation applications. Our progressive selection of organic linings and materials provide exceptional corrosion resistance and low permeability to a wide variety of chemicals.

For over a century, the Sauereisen name has ranked among the leaders of specialty cement development. Likewise, our technology of inorganic products offers resistance to high acid concentrations and temperatures through 2000F.
Sauereisen’s roots run deep in the field of corrosion. Our experience is in specialty materials that resist extreme temperatures and chemicals. Our products are used to protect industrial infrastructure, specifically concrete and steel. We serve facility owners, engineers and contractors relying on dependable solutions to corrosive environments in chemical plants, petrochemical facilities, and other processing areas.

The Sauereisen business involves materials that withstand corrosion. Sauereisen materials are produced in many forms to protect concrete or steel that would otherwise be vulnerable to aggressive chemical environments. These solutions range from relatively thin coatings and linings to more heavy-duty refractories and polymer concretes. Sauereisen’s chemical-resistant materials of construction preserve infrastructure in the wastewater, power generation, food & beverage and chemical processing industries. Ultimately the use of Sauereisen products helps the environment by enabling potentially harmful substances to be contained.

The company was founded in 1899 by C. Fred Sauereisen with the introduction of a ceramic-based adhesive still in use today. Our main areas of expertise are the restoration of infrastructure, the prevention of corrosion, and the insulation of high-temperature instrumentation.

Sauereisen maintains a global presence with an extensive network of technical sales representatives in major cities throughout the world. Our manufacturing and warehouse facilities located in the United States, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America provide worldwide product distribution. Sauereisen remains dedicated to solving the problems requiring specialty materials.

For more information, contact Sauereisen  at or call 412-963-0303