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Charter Coating Service (2000) Ltd.

Charter Coating Service (2000) Ltd., founded in 1981, is an independent source of technical and practical expertise for coating testing, inspection and failure analysis. Our mission is to provide personnel and facilities able to conduct laboratory tests, inspections, field work and consulting for a broad range of coatings and paints with emphasis on materials that mitigate corrosion. We also provide a consultation service which includes the preparation of practical, thorough, to-the point specifications that are to be rigorously enforced. Project planning and coating selection are also important components in ensuring coating performance.


In our Coating Laboratory all coatings will be tested either in a simulated environment or in your service environment. Laboratory tests predict performance and avoid costly field failures. Tests performed in our laboratory include: working to specific industrial specifications and standard methods following CSA, ASTM, NACE, AWWA, DIN, CGSB, API, and ISO, sour gas tests, internal and external coating evaluation and material selection, coating compatibility tests for oil, gas, potable water, structural steel and bio-contaminant laboratories.

Our Coating Inspection staff is NACE Certified to ensure that product and end user specifications are followed in field and plant applications. Inspection services include: international third party inspection for field and plant coating application, coating project supervision and warranty inspection, specification preparation and review of manufacturer's proposals.

The diverse experience and knowledge of our Laboratory and Field staff is shared to create a complete solution for your coating testing and coating inspection needs.

Failure Analysis, Charter Coating is dedicated to the understanding of protective coatings. We conduct coating examinations both at the molecular level and with a steel toed shoes and hard hat perspective. Our staff has extensive experience in coating testing, inspection, pipeline coatings, failure analysis and expert representation.

When you need to protect your assets, our professional third party coating testing and inspection reporting will cover your due diligence.