Controlled Dehumidification

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A simple solution to an old problem. Solid desiccant rotor absorbs moisture from process air. Heat is used to "reactivate" the desiccant.

Why Use Desiccant Technology?

* Very dry air can be achieved.
* Better thermodynamic efficiency: Achieved because no change of phase (condensation) is necessary.
* Simple construction: Basic dehumidifier includes only two fans, a heater and the desiccant rotor assembly.
* Simple maintenance: Simply replace filters regularly and performance is assured. A yearly inspection by our service technicians is recommended to head off unscheduled outages.
* Better Construction: Double-wall insulated casing suitable for indoor or outdoor mounting.
* Modern Controls: Concepts and Designs, Inc. includes standard intelligent microprocessor controllers with "Fail-Capable" mode and
BACtalk® capability for full building integration.

Better Humidity Control Through Intelligent Design

* More Sizes: Units range from 700 to 40,000 CFM.
* More Flexibility: Total system integration is available including heating, cooling, enthalpy recovery, and special filtration. Even custom configurations are available to meet unique project requirements.
* More Support: Application engineering assistance, start-up and owner training, and preventative maintenance programs offered by CDI.