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Rigaku provides the broadest range of innovative X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analytical instrumentation solutions to engineers and other professionals involved in the prevention and control of materials degradation. From materials analysis in industries like oil and gas to analytical applications across industries like coatings and testing, Rigaku offers the full spectrum of X-ray based analytical test and measurement equipment.

XRF is one of the best analytical techniques for performing rapid non-destructive elemental analysis in all types of samples, regardless of whether coatings, liquids, solids or loose powders need to be analyzed. Rigaku WDXRF (wavelength dispersive XRF) instruments combine exceptional precision and proven durability with simple and fast analysis of elements from beryllium (Be) to uranium (U) in the concentration range from 100 % down to the sub-ppm levels.

XRD is a powerful non-destructive technique routinely used for analyzing a wide range of materials across industries with materials degradation problems, including: chemicals, petroleum, power utilities, pipelines, coatings and linings, refining, pulp and paper, cement, transportation, waste management, manufacturing, pollution prevention and metallurgy. XRD is an indispensable method for materials investigation and characterization. Example applications include qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, crystallography, structure and relaxation determination, texture and residual stress investigations, micro-diffraction for small samples, and production quality assurance.Rigaku is the worldwide leading supplier of X-ray based analytical instrumentation.

Continual innovation in X-ray sources, optics, detectors, and software ensures that Rigaku is able to offer an optimized solution for virtually any kind of X-ray analytical task.