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Pan American Industries Inc. Texas, is the pioneer and OEM for IRIS, ULTIMA tube inspection systems and IRIS Pig.

Pan American has provided equipment sales, rentals and services worldwide since 1983.

* IRIS, Ultima uses an immersion technique for inspection tubing in boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, and airfin coolers.

* IRISPig utilises the same technology and inspects piping up to 600 mm diameter.

* Both IRIS & IRISPig measure wall thickness, corrosion, pitting, denting, bulging, and other mechanical anomalies.

* Inspection Data is displayed in a unique B scan presentation.

* Post inspection data is B scan and C scan display. The inspection data saved on CD-Rom gives the client a record of the inspection work and the ability to review it with his free viewer software.

* IRIS and IRISPig inspect both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. IRIS is used and an integral part of shut down inspections in petro-chemical, pulp & paper, utility and processing plants as well as for many other unique inspection applications.

* IRISPig is used to inspect short flow lines, risers, tank lines, road and river crossings.