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Cathtect offers the complete solution to corrosion, by providing quality products and professional solutions throughout the Cathodic Protection spectrum. Specialising in the manufacture of Rectifiers and Solid state decoupling devices.
NDT Global is taking ultrasonic inline inspection to a new level with the launch of a new fleet featuring the leading-edge Evo Series 1.0. This innovative technology significantly improves tool performance by enhancing speed, resolution and reliability.
VDM Metals VDM Metals
VDM Metals offers you a comprehensive range of nickel and titanium alloys, as well as zirconium and special stainless steels. Our portfolio of corrosion resistant materials includes sheets and plates, welding consumables, strip, wire, bars and forgings.
Whitford Corporation Whitford Corporation
Whitford’s low-friction Xylan resists wear, corrosion, chemicals, weather, and high-temperatures, provides dry-film lubrication under extreme conditions even under heavy loads, with a CoF as low as 0.02.
RDC-CI Chemical Injection Data Logger
The new RDC-CI chemical injection data logger has been designed to complement our existing range ...
Enerquip Membrane Housings
Enerquip has been a custom fabricator of stainless membrane housings for years...
The standard potentiostat in the SP-200 provides +/-12 volts compliance, +/- 10 V reference control, ...
BLASTING WITHOUT GRIT! The BRISTLE BLASTER® Industrial hand-held power tool is engineered for the removal ...
DeFelsko Corporation
The award winning PosiTector gage accepts ALL coating thickness (6000/200), environmental (DPM), surface profile (SPG/RTR), ...
NEW RELEASE; ARC T7 AR  Abrasion Resistant Coating for High Temperature and Chemical Exposures
T7 AR is a high performance, abrasion resistant coating for metallic surfaces. The trowel applied, ...
Holiday Detector
Holiday Detector is also known as a porosity detector, pinhole tester, spark tester, jeep tester ...
Industrial Systems
Key Resin Company offers a variety of highly versatile flooring systems ideal for industrial areas ...
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